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•  Best in Show: Emily Longbrake -- A Needle’s Eye
•  1st Place (Serbian Exchange): Djurdja Sivački -- Family Portrait
•  1st Place (Community Member Work): Angie Dell -- Rubs and Points
•  1st Place (Graduate Student Work): Mac Bydalek -- A Visual Guide to Superfluous Classifications of the Queer Man
•  1st Place (Graduate Student Work): Kate Horvat -- The Loveliest Thing
•  1st Place & Honorable Mention (Undergraduate Student Work): Alexis Rainery -- Home; Coptic-bound book
•  Honorable Mention (Serbian Exchange): Milena Putnik -- Metamorphing Neighborhood
•  Honorable Mention (Serbian Exchange): Marija Sibinović -- Book of Space
•  Honorable Mention (Community Member Work): Michelle Segal -- Cattle Brands
•  Honorable Mention (Graduate Student Work): Emily Ritter -- Connections

<![CDATA[State Press Coverage of Overbooked]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2015 19:52:43 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/state-press-coverage-of-overbooked
Judge these books by the cover: 'Overbooked' proves book-binding isn't over
<![CDATA["Pop-up" Letterpress exhibition at new ASU Type Shop Annex]]>Fri, 02 Oct 2015 04:50:31 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/pop-up-letterpress-exhibition-at-new-asu-type-shop-annexPhx Print Studios worked on a "pop-up" exhibition with Dan Mayer of #letterpress and #bookarts at ASU's new type shop annex at the Tempe Center. So exciting to see so much type! The pieces on display are a fun mash-up of student and community printers.
<![CDATA[Opening of "Write Now" Exhibition Ft. Karla Elling!]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2015 19:21:38 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/opening-of-write-now-exhibition-ft-karla-ellingPicture

Poetry Reading & Opening of "Write Now" Exhibition 
ASU Creative Writing 30th Anniversary Celebration

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 @ 7:30 p.m.
Hayden Library (LIB) Upper Concourse, 
ASU, Tempe campus

The ASU Department of English's MFA in Creative Writing Program celebrates its 30th year with poetry readings and the opening of "Write Now," a photographic and letterpress exhibition (open Oct. 1-Nov. 14). Featured poets are Alberto Ríos, Jeannine Savard, and Sally Ball. Artists include photographer Rebecca Ross and printmaker Karla Elling.

A reception will follow.
Free of charge and open to the public.

For more information 
E-mail: Jennifer.Irish@asu.edu
Website: http://english.clas.asu.edu/cwp-30th-anniversary

<![CDATA[Check out the "About Books" show in Tucson!]]>Sat, 12 Sep 2015 18:00:47 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/check-out-the-about-books-show-in-tucson
With our ABBA Faculty Advisor, Dan Mayer, as well as John Risseeuw and many others!  Get down to the Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery in Tucson before October 9th to take a look at this amazing exhibit!
<![CDATA[Phoenix Print StudioS]]>Sat, 28 Mar 2015 17:50:13 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/phoenix-print-studiosCheck out this great new letterpress space in Tempe!

ABBA friends Cindy Iverson and Jeryl Jones just opened this wonderful new space over the past month, and we are so excited to join them for some great classes and events. 

The Phoenix New Times has the scoop on Phoenix Print Studios:
All images courtesy of Phoenix Print Studios: www.phxprintstudios.com
<![CDATA[State Press Article on Strat-o-Graphic Exhibit!]]>Thu, 30 Oct 2014 02:28:24 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/state-press-article-on-strat-o-graphic-exhibit]]><![CDATA[see Dan Mayer's stunning public art piece, "Variable Order" (along with many other great pieces) Oct. 17!]]>Mon, 13 Oct 2014 19:48:42 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/see-dan-mayers-stunning-public-art-piece-variable-order-along-with-many-other-great-pieces-oct-17Picture

As part of the City of Phoenix recognition of National Arts and Humanities Month, The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program will lead a free guided tour of the artist-designed terrazzo floors at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s PHX Sky Train stations and connector bridges on Friday October 17, 2014. The tour begins at 6 p.m.at The Gallery @ City Hall, 200 West Washington St., Phoenix. 

Several of the artists and fabricators from Advance Terrazzo who made and installed the works, which received the 2013 Job of the Year Award from the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, will serve as tour guides. They will talk about the complex process of designing and integrating the terrazzo into the PHX Sky Train stations. The tour is one of numerous events celebrating October as National Arts and Humanities Month in the City of Phoenix. It highlights the public art projects featured in the exhibition “Art Under Foot: Handmade Floors at the PHX Sky Train,” on view through February 28, 2015 at The Gallery @ City Hall. 

The Gallery will be open from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. on October 17, to allow visitors to see the exhibition before taking Light Rail to the 44th Street Sky Train Station. Tour-goers will ride the free Sky Train from 44th Street to Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4, stopping for presentations at the 44th Street, East Economy Lot and Terminal 4 stations. For those who wish to join the tour at the airport, the tour will leave at 6:30 p.m. from the east side of the ground floor lobby at the 44th Street Sky Train Station. Car travelers are encouraged to use the Light Rail’s 38th Street Park and Ride, one stop west of the 44th Street Light Rail and Sky Train stations. 

The art tour will include the following sites: 
· 44th Street Pedestrian Bridge to Metro Light Rail, “Journey Through Nature” - Tucson painter Daniel Martin Diaz designed the terrazzo floor of the pedestrian bridge linking the Sky Train station to the 44th Street Light Rail platform. Known for his highly ornamental style of drawing and painting, Diaz combined floral and geometric patterns into a flowing design that leads passengers to an intricately detailed mandala at mid-bridge. Diaz added abalone shells, native desert stones and recycled glass to enrich the floor’s colors and textures. The floor is approximately 500 feet long and 40 feet wide.
· 44th Street Station Platform, “Tailplane Patterns” - Phoenix painter Fausto Fernandez, who relocated to Los Angeles and, more recently, El Paso, designed the terrazzo for the station platform. Known for paintings layered with colorful patterns and images inspired by the shapes of hand tools, Fernandez drew inspiration from airplane wings to create the floor’s rhythmic geometric pattern and sweeping bands of colors. He used 10 colors to create the design, and heightened the floor’s reflective qualities by adding aggregates of recycled, crushed glass and mirror. The floor is 440 feet long and ranges from 17 to 40 feet in width.
· East Economy Lot Station Platform, “Topo Magic” - Apache Junction painter Anne Coe, a fourth-generation Arizonan, designed the station floor. Known for her whimsical use of paintings to tell stories, Coe based the wiggling shapes and fluid contours of her terrazzo design on the stylized depictions of Arizona rivers, canyons and landforms found in topographic maps. The floor is 450 feet long, ranges from 12 to 36 feet in width, and includes 11 distinct colors.
· Terminal 4 Station Platform, “Variable Order” - Daniel Mayer, a book and letterpress artist who works and teaches at Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, created a terrazzo floor that features more than 1,000 letter forms (the font is lower case Garamond italics) and two large-scale free-form handwritten phrases inspired by the wonder of travel. The floor is 480 feet long, ranges from 17 to 40 feet in width, and features richly detailed aggregate of stone, recycled crushed mirror, blue and clear glass, and abalone shell.

To attend the tour, please RSVP to mary.muesegades@phoenix.gov, or call602-262-4637. For more information, visit the Office of Arts and Culture website. Follow us on Twitter @phxartsculture.

<![CDATA[Individualocracy at the Phoenix Art Museum¬†]]>Thu, 02 Oct 2014 00:17:54 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/individualocracy-at-the-phoenix-art-museumAnnouncing Pyracantha Press' latest publication "Individualocracy" in collaboration with artist/architect Matthew Salenger (http://colabstudio.com/individualocracy) and ABBA Faculty Advisor, Dan Mayer!

Please join us for a special event at the Phoenix Art Museum:

Singer Hall
Oct. 1
Free to the public
<![CDATA[Boundless - The Book Transformed in Contemporary Art]]>Thu, 01 May 2014 21:27:18 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/boundless-the-book-transformed-in-contemporary-art
When: Friday, April 4 - Sunday, August 10, 2014 
Where: South Gallery
Even with the emergence of the digital age, books are considered tangible artifacts that preserve our literary culture, and oftentimes, are revered as works of art themselves. This exhibition challenges the traditional purpose of books by transforming them into the mediums behind extraordinary three-dimensional sculptures. By physically altering their appearance, the artists have bestowed each book with a new life and meaning. 
Featured Artists:
Doug Beube
Long-Bin Chen
Melissa Jay Craig
Casey Curran
Brian Dettmer
Liz Hamman
Andrew Hayes
Guy Laramée
Jacqueline Rush Lee
Dan Mayer
Alex Queral
Isaac G. Salazar
Mike Stilkey
Julia Strand
Margaret Whiting
Opening Reception
Friday, May 9, 2014 (7-10pm) FREE and Open to the Public
• Musical Entertainment
• Artists in Attendance

Box Office: (480) 644.6500
One East Main Street
<![CDATA[2nd Annual International Artist's Book Competition]]>Thu, 01 May 2014 21:12:56 GMThttp://abunchabookartists.weebly.com/blog/2nd-annual-international-artists-book-competitionPicture
2nd International Artist's Book Competition 2014 WIN $50,000 MXN!

This year the jury will consist of four major characters internationally known as Artist Book creatives. 
*Reception of materials shall be open from February 20, 2014 and will end on July 15, 2014. 
Send your registration materials to librodeartista.concurso@gmail.com